IEE has both the analytical and ventilation laboratories to accommodate all the needs of indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations and research.

Our analytical laboratories utilize contaminant sampling and analytical techniques developed by agencies such as EPA, OSHA and NIOSH and are fully accredited (including AIHA EMPLAP certification for mold analyses).

Our full-service ventilation laboratory has customized testing stations for evaluating the performance of:
  • Air cleaning and filtration devices
  • Building material and equipment emission rates and
  • Ventilation air distribution equipment.
For contaminant air sampling to have value it is essential that the laboratory analyses achieve detection limits for the target contaminant well below the concentration where symptoms or irritancy may occur. The detection limits required for non-industrial environmental inspections in residences, schools, hospitals, and offices are often many times below those provided by laboratories which focus more on industrial environments. IEE has developed specialized sampling and laboratory analytical techniques to meet the low detection limits desired in non-industrial indoor environmental investigations.

Included in these sections are some of our laboratory services. Please contact us with the details regarding your project so we can provide you of a full list of our services.