Our state-of-the-art laboratory is used to conduct studies of ventilation air flow patterns and test the performance of air cleaners, supply air diffusers, and medical industry products. Our lab is equipped with equipment such as orifice plate flow stations, simulated office environmental test chambers, tracer gas sampling and injection equipment, multi level arrays of air speed and temperature sensors, variable speed supply and exhaust fans, and contaminant injection and sampling systems. Examples of specific testing include:
  • Air cleaner performance testing, utilizing environmental test chambers (e.g., AHAM Standard AC-1, CADR) or single pass upstream / downstream contaminant removal efficiency measurements.
  • Air flow rate measurements using orifice plates, pitot tube, hot wire ananometry - ASHRAE Standard 113, ADPI
  • Air change effectiveness - ASHRAE Standard 129, Air Change Effectiveness
  • Test chamber commisioning per ASTM D5116 & D6670 and BIFMA M7.1-2005.