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Indoor Environmental Engineering (IEE) is a building science consulting firm with 31 years of experience diagnosing building air quality problems and designing healthy and energy efficient indoor environments. Our staff of professional engineers, building scientists, and industrial hygienists investigate ventilation and air quality issues in a wide range of building occupancy types, including office, hospital, school, laboratory, and single and multi-family residential.

Our Services Include:

Healthy Building Services. IEE provides annual proactive IAQ CheckUps, building material and equipment emission testing/modeling, ventilation system performance assessments, construction & renovation practice plans, and indoor air quality management plans. IEE also provides all USBGC LEED ventilation and indoor air quality testing certifications.

Diagnostic Services. To address occupant indoor air quality concerns IEE utilizes a hypothesis-based six step protocol to quickly and diagnose the problem and prescribe an effective mitigation measures. Our experienced field staff uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to quickly determine the quality of the indoor air, locations of potential indoor contaminants, and the building ventilation rates and air pressure relationships.

Laboratory Services. IEE has state-of-the-art analytical and ventilation laboratories to accommodate all the needs of IAQ investigations and research studies.


IEE is committed to the advancement of

healthy indoor environments that are both

energy efficient and sustainable.


Laminate Flooring Formaldehyde

Laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators has been found to emit large quantities of formaldehyde. How to test the air in your home and emissions from this flooring.

The Hazards of E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are marketed as only producing harmless water vapor. However published literature shows that e-cigarettes contain many chemicals, including some that are carcinogenic.

Ventilation and Indoor air Quality in New Homes -

Study of ventilation and indoor air quality in 108 new homes. Airtight construction practices contributing to elevated indoor air contaminant concentrations force changes to the California Building Code.

Diagnosing Odor Problems in Buildings

Diagnosing the source of an odor in a building can often be frustrating. Here are some helpful tips,

The IAQ Top Ten

Bud Offermann PE CIH gives his list of the top 10 items for reducing and fixing IAQ complaints.

Addressing Mold In Homes

The four steps for addressing mold in your home.

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Current & Recent Projects

Infectious Disease Aerosol Exposures With and Without Surge Control Ventilation System Modifications

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Multi-Family Homes

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News & Events

Indoor Air 2014

The Triennial International Scientific Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, July 7-12, 2012, Hong Kong

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